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Hillary Gets Devastating News When Weiner Swears He Will Do Everything To Put Her In Jail!


After all the scandals Hillary manufactured about Trump, she is going down by Antony Weiner?!

Wow, that is epic karma!

We have great news folks, this is epic!

According to Americas Freedom Fighters:

On June 28, 2016, Huma swore UNDER OATH during a deposition that she looked for ALL devices and turned over ALL devices that contained government work so the records could be reviewed by the FBI and returned to the State Department.

This new information that the FBI uncovered determined that she did NOT in fact turn over all devices as she stated under oath which is in fact, PERJURY!

Not only did Huma not turn over all devices, but State Department-related emails were found on her home laptop.

Which brings us to the Weiner.

He’s already under investigation for sexting underage girls. He’s lost his wife and his career is ruined. So what does he have to lose by cooperating with the FBI?

Yes folks, Weiner is reportedly cooperating with the FBI presumably to get some sort of deal. Hell yeah! I’d do the same thing!

Breaking now on #FNS per @BretBaier — Anthony Weiner is said to be cooperating with the FBI investigation.

— FoxNewsSunday (@FoxNewsSunday) October 30, 2016

@FoxNewsSunday @OuttaBaghdad4Nw @BretBaier . Does he have a choice? His life and career of respectability has been shot. Worse now

— john hancock (@johnhan79583770) October 30, 2016

So Hillary is going to be ruined by a Weiner?!

Hahaaa this is great!

Every day there is new great news folks! We are on a right track folks!

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