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Breaking: Huma Abedin Just Stabbed Hillary In The Back – Negotiating With The FBI To Put Her In Jail!


Hillary is all alone now! Bill was never there, he was having affairs all the time.

Only Huma Abedin was around, and new even she run away! And not only run away, she stubbed her in the back!

She is working with FBI to put Hillary in jail!

According to Right Wing News:

Huma Abedin, Clinton aide and estranged wife of Anthony Weiner, a disgraced Congressman caught sexting a minor, is in discussions with the Justice Department and the FBI for full access to the over 650,000 emails on the laptop she and her husband shared. Anthony Weiner is also cooperating with the FBI.

It is believed that some of the emails found are directly connected to Hillary Clinton and the investigation into her use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State. Many of these emails on Abedin’s laptop were run through Hillary’s server. As well, among the 650,000, it is thought that a number of them will be emails erased from Clinton’s server prior to it being confiscated by the FBI.

As of today, the FBI has, in fact, obtained the necessary warrants to look at the emails on this Weiner/Abedin computer.

Apparently these emails were discovered weeks ago and this week’s developments are the results of an ongoing investigation. This situation is beyond serious, since state.gov emails have been found on Weiner’s laptop. That represents a potentially huge security breach.

Hillary Clinton is in a very serious situation, one which may see her in jail when it is all over. This nation does not need a sitting President who is under investigation. Abedin’s loyalty understandably does not extend to taking the heat for Clinton’s illegalities.

And it appears that Clinton may yet go down due to all these allegations and investigations. It is time this nation said no to the Clinton dynasty. We do not need a criminal at the helm of this nation.

See video below:

This is almost sad. Yes we hate her, but this is not fanny any more, now this is just pure life tragic of a person who wanted to be a president and now sheis going to rot in jail!

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