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When Stupid Hurts… Florida Man Arrested after Accidentally Texting Police Captain Instead of Drug Dealer


Talk about bad luck…

William Lamberson, a 29 year old was arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to sell after contacting the head of the Martin County Sheriffs Offices Narcotics Unit accidentally instead of his drug dealer.

Reportedly, Lamberson had mixed up his drug dealers phone number and texted Captain Brian Bergen while searching for marijuana. After receiving the text, Bergen quickly realized the opportunity that had just fallen into his lap and decided to play it cool until he had enough on Lamberson to make an arrest.

After weeks of playing the role of another drug user, Bergen decided to ask if Lamberson he knew of any hook ups for blow, what Lamberson said next is what landed him behind bars.


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Sensing an opportunity, and fearing what could have happened had Lamberson inadvertently texted a child, Bergen played along for weeks until he eventually nabbed Lamberson on cocaine charges.

His first texts were basically address me, hey bro, this is Will, what you normally would do, Captain Bergen told WPEC.

Lamberson asked Bergen where to find some green and explained that the two had met at a 7-11 after the cop expressed his confusion at first.

Nothing came of the exchange until after Bergen later asked, You got any hooks for sum blow?

Lamberson replied that he did: I actually do man. Lol.

Then, on September 1, police went in for the kill and would soon boast on Facebook about the arrest that all but fell in their laps.

When Lamberson arrived to deliver cocaine to the individual he believed to be a dealer he met weeks before at a 7-11, he was instead given a warm reception by MCSOs narcotics detectives. As detectives arrested Lamberson on possession with intent to sell, they decided it was the perfect opportunity to explain that there was an unfortunate mixed up on his part and that he had the wrong number.