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A Deaf Woman Screams About How Impossible It is To Be A Mom In AmericaAre You Listening? (VIDEO)


American women all share a common bond when it comes to parenting: The scrutiny of men. As a man and a liberal, its sometimes difficult to see eye to eye with the typical macho guy perspective, as Ive spent the better part of my wife defending and fighting for womens rights. Like most people with an IQ over Republican, I understand that women arent inferior in ANY way. In fact, theyre far superior in so many ways that the more enlightened of us are pretty stoked they let us hang around at all.

Its been pointed out that Im in the minority. Not only is my opinion not common, but in socially acceptable male circles Id be ridiculed and labeled a feminist. Nobody can explain why thats a bad thing, just that its what I am. Alright then, as a bonafide feminist, I can honestly say that women get a raw deal. The sh*t end of the stick if you will. Women around the world are treated horribly in general. In less socially evolved countries, women have no voice at all. In pillars of progressive idealism, women are still playing second fiddle to men.

Here in America, women are still seen as objects first and people second. Their rights are constantly under attack. Equality is a constant struggle. Theyre paid less for the same jobs, often with the human capital excuse tossed in their faces. Whats human capital? Its the theory that a woman is worth less because she chooses to take on the role of mom, which takes her away from the workplace.

Yes, thats a real thing. These women who choose to be moms dont deserve to be equals. Never has there been a more absurd reason to explain sexism and corporate greed.

As it turns out, those moms are pretty important. They do some pretty necessary stuff. Like giving birth…to everyone. Without Mom theres only Dad, who without mom is just some guy with no chance of ever having a family. Moms are the foundation of life. They provide us with our ability to…exist. To demonize them for it is the worst of social injustices.

Thats what I can take from the issue, as a politically active, liberal male feminist. A friend and colleague pointed out this video, which takes my very limited experience of being a woman none and allows me to understand that no matter what situation a mom in America is in, she faces impossible critics.

The woman being deaf is irrelevant, other than a deaf woman screaming makes for a good headline. What are important are her message and her advice at the end. And to all you moms and moms to be out there, not everyone thinks this way. Some of us have been and always will be on your side.

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