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Boom, Trump Is The Winner Folks: LA Times Poll Puts Trump Ahead Of Clinton! Find Out By How Much!


Nobody could believe what is happening in the polls.

Trump surged ahead of Hillary and her camp is in desperate suicidal mood!

America is celebrating, the victory is straight ahead!

According to Washington Examiner:

With one week remaining until Election Day, Donald Trump now leads Hillary Clinton by 4 points in a new poll of U.S. adults, according to a Los Angeles Times/USC poll conducted Oct. 31.

The Republican nominee received 47 percent of respondents’ support, while the Democratic candidate fielded 43 percent. It’s the second poll of the day showing Trump with an advantage over Clinton, following weeks of surveys that showed the former secretary of state outperforming the billionaire businessman.

Trump topped Clinton, 46 percent to 45 percent, in the Washington Post/ABC News presidential tracking poll. While it is within the margin of error, it’s a significant boost to his campaign after weeks of trailing the Democrat and the first time he has led her in the survey since tracking started in June.

Trump had trailed Clinton by 1 point in the same poll Oct. 25, but the FBI’s announcement on Friday that it was reopening its investigation into Clinton’s classified emails may be frustrating her supporters or leading others to her rival.

Great job mister Trump!

You did it! You are a true WINNER!

America is save now, we won this epic battle!

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