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Breaking: Oh God, It’s Happening – Obama To Suspend The Election To Help Hillary!


Obama is stepping in to help wounded Hillary.

He is going to do everything just to stop Trump entering the White House.

Look at this nasty plan from democrats. This is crazy!

According to World News Politics:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was shocked recently after the FBI decided to reopen the investigation into her private email server while serving as secretary of state.

Also, recently, there has even been rumors that she might withdraw from the race and that Obama will help her by suspending the election.

According to Three Percent Nation, Clinton may be forced out of the race if the FBI is able to find something in the emails quickly enough, which would mean the Democrats would need time to pick a new candidate. USA News reported that Yale Law School professor Akhil Reed Amar admitted it is possible for Obama to delay the election until January 20, with the speaker of the House serving as acting president until an election could pick “a real president for the remainder of the term.”

Given how power hungry Obama is, we wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to delay the election for as long as possible to keep himself in office. He has also demonstrated that he is desperate to ensure Donald Trump does not make it to the White House, so he could delay the election until his party has time to find someone who could actually beat Trump.

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Oh no, this is not going to fly. We are going to stop it.

Trump win will be valid, and nobody can stop us from crushing Hillary and save America from crazy liberals.

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