Home News BREAKING: The FBI Just Exposed The Clinton Foundation! See Their Darkest Secrets!

BREAKING: The FBI Just Exposed The Clinton Foundation! See Their Darkest Secrets!


The FBI just released over a hundred pages of their investigation into the Clinton Foundation. They must be revolting against Comey!

The Clinton Foundation was investigated after Bill Clinton pardoned two people on the last day he was in office. These are just two of the people that Bill Clinton pardoned, but the reasoning behind it is something else entirely.

Both Marc Rich and Pincus Green that were found guilty of mail fraud, wire fraud, tax evasion, and racketeering. Why do they deserve to be pardoned you might wonder?

The DNC received a donation from a source connected to these two that after they fled the FBI two exile in Switzerland, they were pardoned for their crimes.

Basically, Bill Clinton accepted a bribe to pardon these two felons.

I’m sure the money went straight from the DNC to the Clinton Foundation as well.

The Crooked Clintons were accepting bribe money to pardon people.

Bill Clinton didn’t even follow anywhere close to proper procedure when pardoning these two felons as I’m sure he didn’t care as long as he got his money.

These are the pay for play strategies that Hillary Clinton also implemented as Secretary of State. Now we know where she gets it from!

Bill Clinton pardoned 140 people while he was President. How many of these were briberies that funneled money into the Clinton’s pockets?

You wonder how they got so much money? They abused the power of their offices to grant political favors for people if they could pay enough.

This is exactly the corruption that is ruining this country and this is exactly the corruption that Donald Trump wants to end in our government.