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Hallelujah: Biggest Never Trump Fighter, Glenn Beck Just Decided – Finally Is On Trump Train!


Glenn Beck was fighting against Trump for months!

He was brutal against Trump!

HE even went on MSNBC for days to trash Trump with no mercy.

And now, this.

According to The Blaze:

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck predicted on his nationally syndicated talk show Monday that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would win the election because of the latest revelations in the investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Beck noted that while almost 20 percent of the country has already voted in early voting, he believed the latest revelations would sink Clinton, repeatedly stating, “The race is over.”

“It’s too much. The press has had it,” Beck said. “They’ve had it. I really believe the Clintons have overplayed their hand and outstayed their welcome with the press.”

Beck noted that Trump was still in the hole but predicted he would still win by five percentage points:

GLENN: Let’s say he was eight points — that was fair to say — eight points behind last week, he should win this by five points.

STU: I mean, you’d just think, it has to be. Right?

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: Sure, they’re going to do their typical stuff to try to muddy the waters. And I’ve heard some of the Clinton people out there trying to do that.

PAT: Pretty hard.

STU: But the bottom line, this fits perfectly into what — a perfect campaign issue. You have a completely nondescript, open-ended problem that Trump can put any face on it he wants.

PAT: And he will.

STU: And he will. And they would too, obviously.

GLENN: How can the next president face a possible collapsing economy, possible war with Russia, and a current war with ISIS? Oh, and also, be under FBI investigation and indictment? Can’t. Can’t.

We agree with Glen! Trump is so wining this one.

We are safe folks, the danger is over!

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