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Watch CNN Hosts Panic As The Audience Shouts “Lock Her Up” On Live TV!


America is angry at Hillary and democrats.

American mass media do not understand that.

And especially CNN, because they are trying to help Hillary, so look what happens when that anger will collide with CNN, it is funny!

According to Yes I’m Right:

One of the worst things the liberal media can do is start a live segment where they present their views in public.

Not only is it because they’re bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and her special interests, but for the fact that they look like absolute fools when the American public gets a hold of them.

Before and after the debate, CNN correspondents on a panel were talking about how Hillary Clinton will win the election, trying and failing to ignore the countless chants of lock her up behind them.

The crowd was overwhelming and you could see the presenters starting to panic, flub their lines, and stutter. This is good

It happened not once,

but twice,

Oh yeah. America has spoken. The liberal media is in panic mode and the Democrats are in damage control. I can’t wait until November.

CNN is not going to save Hillary in on 8-th of November.

The she is going to get it what she really deserves!

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