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Whoa! You Would Not Believe What Happened To Tim Kaine At Rally In Wisconsin!


America hates Hillary and Kaine.

They are anti – people candidates!

That’s why their rallies are like funerals.

Look what happened in Wisconsin for example.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine held a rally today in Appleton, Wisconsin.

The campaign held the event at the Warch Campus Center at Lawrence University.

It looks like about 50-60 people wandered in.

The election is a week away!

A large line has formed and the crowd is filling in to hear Tim Kaine campaign in Appleton today. Kaine is expected to start at 2:15. pic.twitter.com/2ZBx5WBE57

— Alexa Santos (@AlexaSantosWLUK) November 1, 2016

60 is pushing it. 50 tops.

Here is the entire crowd waiting to get in!

Wisconsin is PUMPED for @timkaine #imwithher pic.twitter.com/rwnW4QhGrq

— Mo Pasternak (@Mo_Uneek) November 1, 2016

This is sad. Let’s all of this finish and Hillary and Kaine finally go home, for them this was painful!

We are happy for this result, but we fill sorry for them too.

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