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Breaking: Just 5 Days From Election Day, Wikileaks Exploded Nuclear Bomb About Hillary And Benghazi!


Just 5 days from election day, and Hillary is hit with new major huuuge scandal – her involvement in Benghazi tragedy!

And with new emails form WikiLeaks, now we know how sick and evil monster she is!

According to The Political Insider:

Hillary Clinton is having the worst week of any Presidential candidate in history.

The FBI is closing in on her criminal use of a private email server to transmit classified material. We now know – without a doubt – that foreign governments had easy access to the server.

But what’s an even bigger deal is Hillary’s actions which directly lead to the deaths of four Americans – Including a U.S. Ambassador – in Benghazi, Lybia.

The terrorist attack was easily avoided, but Hillary refused to provide the security they needed at the embassy.

Today, in a new batch of emails, WikiLeaks reaffirmed exactly how Hillary caused the foreign policy disaster in Benghazi.


Hillary Clinton could have saved their lives, but chose note to. She was trying to keep the danger in Benghazi a secret, and left Americans to die. She is unfit for office.

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Internal @hillaryclinton camp flags for the #Benghazi emails…MUST see
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— DMC (@BadassTexCowboy) November 3, 2016

America need better candidate for president than crooked Hillary!

Trump is going to be our greatest president ever!

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