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Video Report Watch a Brave Jew Jersey Gun Owner & Businessman Tell Legislators He Will Not Comply with a Potential State Law That, If Passed, Would Ban 10+ Round Magazines


New Jersey legislators are currently considering a massive gun control bill known as A2006 that would ban all magazines hat hold more than 10 rounds. The only exception to the law would be firearms with .22 caliber tubular magazines.

If the measure passes the state legislature and Gov. Chris Christie signs it, millions of gun owners will be branded outlaws overnight.

The video embedded below features a Anthony P. Colandro, who owns Gun for Hire, a Jersey firearm training center, telling lawmakers that he will not comply with any unconstitutional gun laws.

Despite promises of civil disobedience on the same scale as recent pro-Second Amendment protests against Connecticut gun control measures, A2006 passed the Democrat-led Assembly by 46-31 and now moves to the upper chamber, reports The Blaze.

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