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Boom! Former President Of CNN Admits That Everyone On CNN Is A Clinton Puppet!


Oh man, CNN director admits that that media outlet is a Clinton PR machine!

And that everyone working there is a Clinton whore!

NICE! We are not surprised, though!

According to Yes I’m Right:

The Clinton News Network has it’s own scandal to deal with now in the wake of the Donna Brazile fiasco.

In case you missed it, Donna Brazile, the interim Democratic National Committee lead who was inserted after the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ousting, was caught feeding Hillary Clinton a debate question. Brazile is also a CNN personality and contributor. Not anymore. People have had harsh criticism for both her and CNN, but none more so than Ex-CNN president Jon Klein.

He thinks CNN needs a total overhaul.

The former president of CNN Tuesday called for political surrogates to be removed from their positions as paid contributors for TV news channels in the wake of the Donna Brazile scandal.

I hope this can be the death knell for the surrogates that all the news networks employ because it’s predictable, Jon Klein told Fox News Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File. As a viewer it’s boring. We know what the Punch and Judy puppets are going to say every time.

I’m sure under pressure [Brazile] felt she had something that could be helpful to the person or the cause that she is most loyal to, said Klein, who held the top job at CNN for six years, ending in 2010.

By the way, Klein added, [Brazile] leaked this to the Hillary camp during the primaries. We don’t know that she did not leak things to [Sen. Bernie] Sanders. [We know] only because Wikileaks has spoonfed us the Hillary stuff.

Klein added that CNN officials believe Roland Martin, a former CNN contributor, tipped off the Clinton campaign to another town hall question during the primaries.

I don’t think it’s surprising when you’ve got a partisan surrogate in your midst as a paid contributor, Klein said of the scandal. I think at the end of the day, you know where people’s loyalties ultimately lie.

Yes we do. The media’s lie with Hillary. And that is the biggest shill of all time.

And the irony is that, besides all of that advantage, Hillary is going to lose!

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