Home News Breaking: Wikileaks Just Buried Hillary 2.500 Feet Under Ground!

Breaking: Wikileaks Just Buried Hillary 2.500 Feet Under Ground!


WikiLeaks is the biggest nightmare to Hillary!

The organization just buried her with 2500 new emails form John Podesta.

She is going to cry her to sleep tonight!

According to The Federalist Papers:

Do you have a few minutes this weekend? Do you have many hours? Because WikiLeaks have released their latest “dump” of John Podesta emails, called simply “Podesta Emails Part 31” Saturday morning.

RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 31 #PodestaEmails #PodestaEmails31 #HillaryClinton #imWithHer https://t.co/wzxeh70oUm pic.twitter.com/nTBT5I3YZk

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) November 5, 2016

The new release – about 2,500 this time – brings the total number of Podesta emails to 50,408. The database is searchable here.

Some media outlets have already discovered this release. Our friends at ZeroHedge have combed through them a little bit and reveal that much of it is “more of the same,” meaning “more evidence of conflicts of interest at the Clinton Foundation, a request by Colin Powell not to be involved in the Clinton campaign (it was ignored), more collusion with the media and more scheming on how to bring down Bernie Sanders.

Reporters around the country are combing through the latest “dump” looking for anything they can.

One notable exchange uncovered so far discusses who the real “populist” is and is worried about exposing Clinton’s favoritism to Citi Corp.

Also released are details of Bill Clinton’s speeches to donors, RT is reporting:

A January 2016 email from Bill Clinton aide Tina Flournoy contains an attached Bill Clinton speech from a fundraising event in October 2015 at the home of Patti and Mike Miller.

“I feel like an old horse that once won a bunch of races and somebody comes to the barn, gives me an extra bale of hay, hauls me on the track and slaps me on the rump, just to see if I can get around one more time,” Bill Clinton jokes.

Speaking about the primary debates, he says, “These people actually think they can insult their way to the White House, or compete with each other for who can say the most politically correct things.”

We love WikiLeaks.

This organization saved America from the biggest evil that could have ruined forever this wonderful country!

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