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Huge Embarrassment For America And Hillary: Top Hillary Officials Slam Israel As ‘ruthless’ And ‘nuts’!


Democrats hate Israel!

Obama is in unofficial war with Israel for 8 years!

And now, Hillary made even more damage to Israel!

This is a pure treason for American values and our biggest ally Israel!

According to Hannity.com:

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton publicly claims to support the nation of Israel, but judging by the company she keeps it’s apparent team Clinton does not hold the long time ally in high esteem.

In a series of emails uncovered by Wikileaks, Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta and retired federal judge George Paine go off on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The racially charged email mockingly refers to Netanyahu as the GOP’s “turbaned Israeli mullah” and seems to poke fun at how Muslims pray:

Head of Clinton’s transition team Neera Tanden reacted to news of Netanyahu’s re-election victory not with congratulations, but unfounded fear and hositility, calling Israel ‘depressing’, ‘ruthless’ and ‘nuts’ while Podesta replied in monosyllabically with a disgruntled ‘bad’.

Trump advisor David Friedman responded to these disturbing developments with ‘digust’. This comes via the Jerusalem Post:

“These recent email revelations lay bare the utter falsity of Hillary Clinton’s professed support for Israel.” said Friedman. “They are profoundly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and disgusting. No one who cares about Israel or who seeks unbiased leadership in the White House should even consider the Clinton candidacy.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has remained consistently supportive of America’s best, and arguably only, true ally in the region. Just this week, the Republican Presidential candidate penned a handwritten note to be placed at Jerusalem’s Western Wall.

It is tradition to write down prayers to God and place them in the cracks of the Western Wall, as many Jews believe God will answer those prayers. This has been happening since the 18th century and millions of notes per year are placed by visitors.

Hillary Clinton placed a note in the wall back in 2005, but did not reveal what she wrote. Even Barack Obama allowed his note to be reported by press (of course, the prayer was about himself and not Israel).

An image of Trump’s prayer note, however, is going viral. And the prayer is perfect – exactly what you’d hope for from someone running for President of the United States.

We have to protect Israel and we have to make America great again!

So go Trump, go!

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