Home Entertainment What Shaq just said about Trump will surprise you completely!

What Shaq just said about Trump will surprise you completely!




Trump is not a racist. He is not perfect, even he admits that. But he is not a bad man!

And here is the proof for that.

The mainstream media doesn’t want you to what Shaquille O’Neill said about Donald Trump.

The way that the mainstream media has been calling Trump racist is wrong.

Let’s be honest. Nobody was calling Trump a racist when he was head of the apprentice.

Shaquille O’Neal praised Trump for being a stand-up guy AND called him his friend. And you cannot be a friend to a black guy if you are racist!

Shaq did say that Trump is a straightforward guy and that he does speak his mind a little too much.

You can see the respect and love Shaq has for Trump. Why will Shaq say this if he do not really love him? Why would he make enemies from millions of BLM members?!

He could have said bad things about Trump, he is a multimillionaire, he doesn’t need to pivot to him so that he can make some money or get something free, no, he loves him and respect him and even maybe own him a favor, maybe Trump helped him in the past so friends stay forever friends, right?!

If Trump was racist, bully, scum, ego maniac, Shaq would have trashed him viciously, but that was not the case.

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The liberal media can’t stop the Trump Train from picking voters of all different colors and races!