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Man Pretends to Be a Navy SEAL to the Wrong Guys Two Army Rangers



by Smith Callen | Top Right News

In a recent video posted online, an unidentified man named tried to steal valor by claiming hes a Navy SEAL.

It happens outside a bar, where Josh is waiting for someone to come out and fight him. Three men waiting for a cab hear whatd going on, and start recording him. One of the men waiting asks Josh why hes so sure he can take down the guy he is waiting for in the expected street fight.

The man says:

Why do you think you can take him? Whats your competitive edge? Im just curious, do you do training? Are you jiu jitsu, do you do striking? Hes got some size on you, are you more aggressive?

The other guy replies, I was in the SEALs.

The men immediately begin to question his credibility, and ask some very basic questions that any SEAL would know, and Josh flubs them. Josh even tells them he never got a Trident after becoming a SEAL and that he was attached to SEAL Team Artillery.

The other men pretend they are drunk and joking around to get Josh to dig his hole even deeper. It goes way too far, however, when in response to where he served he arrogantly says they wouldnt know the area of Afghanistan.

Thats when the men reveal what they really are, and the conversation turns serious and physical.


Josh find out the hard way that the men were Army Rangers who served in Afghanistan, and dont take his lies lightly, and rightly so.

They show amazing restraint, and after slapping Josh about a bit, tell him to just get lost, and a humiliated Josh does exactly that.

Some say he got off too easy. What do you think?