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The Real Objectives of Indigo Children



It is said that since 2007 year indigo children will receive their plan which will be based on the universal energy supply for the new consciousness of children on this planet. It comes to that that all indigos on the Earth somehow will be organized. A transition of consciousness will be made: Indigo will have one and only common objective. Organization they will begin to intuitively realize their plan. And as always, they will have free choices and they will do whatever they want to. You will see the slow and united movement of young people on Earth towards creation of many unusual things, which are floating in the air at this very moment….

We should not be surprised, if Indigo Children bring down governments, create the impossible, resist to systems and deny some of the sacred rules, as its the only way of creating New Jerusalem. The old paradigm must be gone.

Objectives of Indigo Children

Their children and grandchildren will be real peacemakers of tomorrow. One of their main tasks is to push us towards a change and make us notice many of the things which we dont love, but accept as a habit, belong to the old redundant systems. The question about the real democracy and equality of rights as well as their implementation will be more important than ever. The new peace should reign everywhere and among all people countries, nations and beings. This is the desire, which everyone hold in its heart, no matter young or old, big or small, white, black or yellow, indigo child or grown-up.

These are the most important spiritual tasks of Indigo Children:

To unconditionally love everyone and everything, so they can bring back the love on Earth

Using their high-frequency energy, to give a chance to humanity and planet Earth to enhance their vibrations

To transform lenity in a main form of earth coexistence

To begin showing their psychic abilities, so humanity to start accepting mediums as normal people again

To inspire, that everything must be subordination of the good and this to serve human and society

To reveal to mankind, that there are spiritual families

To help their parents to recover their connection with their own spirituality

To help mankind give up of old beliefs and conceptions

To bring on planet Earth new methods of healing

To convince people take responsibility about everything, which happens in their life

To tell mankind that matter follows mind, which means that we create our own world and therefore we can change it on a daily basis

Admittedly, the spiritual abilities of Indigo Children are closely related with their tasks, but also at the same time are specific to each one and correspond to its tangibly viable situation. The mission of Indigo Generation in the sphere of the Holy Spirit is rather more collective, but this doesnt mean that an individual personality doesnt carry individual charge and doesnt pursue different purpose. It must implement its own birth vision into one specific ambiance.

Aside from the big diversity of Indigo Children abilities, for the listed below we can claim that are generally valid:

These children are real healers. When people touch them, they fill with harmony, as well as calming down and relieving tension

They are capable of strong love. They emit so much love, that people start feeling it instantly

They orientate rapidly in spiritual conceptions and act according to them

They possess developed internal sense of truth in life. They perceive what is right and what is wrong

They easily can communicate with all creations of nature animals, plants and rocks

They have the ability to see and perceive all in its integrality

Their natural mindset is to seek the good in people, since they know that everyone is derived from God; they just want to love

Since youth they utilize (unconsciously) their high-frequency energy, guided by their senses, to get closer with grown-ups or peers

They exhibit solicitude to others, holding on to equity and defending it, and with their objectivity to regain peace

They have highly developed intuition, capable of knowing how to make a contact in mental manner and transmitting energy at long distances

The time when Indigo Children grow up, they will cover all professions, uniting science with spirituality. Innovations in inter-communications (internet and telecommunications) are exactly the thing they need and it seems that they are made for them. Using their way of thinking, ideas and creativity, they will enrich, heal and transform our society. Globalization of the world will accelerate, people will stop being hostile and with their togetherness they will start living in sense of satisfaction and completeness. The idea that after 20 years the Indigo Children will take control over life on Earth in their own hands, makes me feel joy and hope.

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