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YES, PEOPLE, WE WON: Democrats In Swing State of Florida Say They’re VOTING FOR TRUMP!


Florida is deciding who is going to be our next president!

As always! And look what is happening today!

Trump is going to be very happy!

According to American Lookout:

Democrats are coming out for Donald Trump in record numbers this election cycle.

That’s why the term “Trumpocrats” has been coined because men and women like this couple, both Democrats, are taking a break from the Democratic Party and voting for Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

Take a look:

A veteran, registered democrat in Florida, reacts to latest on Clinton's emails: 'Im crossing party lines' @NBCNews pic.twitter.com/kx4dXfTNgy

— Mariana_Atencio (@marianaatencio) November 6, 2016

It’s people like this who are going to put Trump over the line and turn out a win. People are sick of the immigration, sick of the corruption, sick of the ruling class.

Things have gotten so bad that even these Democrats understand what’s happening. Kudos to them for breaking party tradition and voting for the American people!

This is going to happen in all America!

He is going to win in a landslide!

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