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Green Beret Booted by Obama from Army for Body Slamming Afghan Child Rapist Finally Responds Statement Will Enrage White House (VIDEO)


According to graphic reports in the case, an interpreter working with the U.S. Army came forward saying an Afghan boy was tied to a post in Rahmans house and was raped repeatedly for 10 days to 2 weeks. The Rahman mentioned is local police commander Abdul Rahman.

Green Beret Charles Martland didnt take too kindly to the news and confronted the commander. When the commander admitted to the rape charge, and even admitted to having the childs mother beaten when she tried to stop it, Martland and a fellow soldier took action.

The action they took is probably not the most ideal in terms of code, but its an action that virtually every warm-blooded American who doesnt call themselves liberal would take.

Via Fox News.

Martland said he and Quinn then confronted the commander after Quinn confirmed the allegations with village elders and others. He said Quinn got a first-hand confession but the child rapist laughed it off and referenced that it was only a boy.

Thats when the confrontation turned physical.

Captain Quinn picked him up and threw him, Martland said. I [proceeded to] body slam him multiple times.

Martland continued: I kicked him once in his ribcage after one of the body slams. I put my foot on his neck and yelled at him after one body slam, but did not kick or punch him in the face. I continued to body slam him and throw him for 50 meters until he was outside the camp.

Quinn said, I physically threw him through our front gate and off our camp.

Martland was removed from the Army through what is claimed to be funding cuts. Many believe, however, it was due to the potentially life-saving actions taken by Martland and his fellow Green Beret.

Martland reacted in a way that is likely turning heads at the White House.

Kicking me out of the Army is morally wrong and the entire country knows it, Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland said, in his first public statement on his case.

The detailed written statement, requested by Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., was shared by the congressmans office with FoxNews.com. Hunter, who has advocated on Martlands behalf, intends to submit the statement to the House Armed Services Committee.

Martlands case has received renewed attention amid recent press reports on the U.S. militarys handling of child abuse allegations involving Afghan allies. In his statement, Martland gives a blunt account of the September 2011 encounter with the brutal child rapist, local police commander Abdul Rahman. He acknowledges the confrontation, but suggests the commander exaggerated his injuries and argues that the boys safety, as well as American lives, was at stake that day.

Martland said the Afghan Local Police had been committing atrocities, raising concerns that many locals viewed as worse than the Taliban and if locals returned to the Taliban, attacks against U.S. forces would increase.

While I understand that a military lawyer can say that I was legally wrong, we felt a moral obligation to act, he said.

Video of the segment below.

What say you? Did he do the right thing and should he have been booted from the Army?