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MAJOR UPDATE: Nightmare Situation Unfolding in Michigan, Man Prepared to Take Up Arms Against Government! (Militia Groups Moving In)


Earlier this evening we posted a story about Ted Visner and his proclamation that he was prepared to die for the property the home he built stands on. At the time of the story very little information was found on the background of the story. That said, we now know more about what happened.

In short, what is happening to this family is downright awful in every way possible.

Ill explain after the video, but first you need to see the video itself.

At first we thought Visner was losing his home because of his own delinquency in payments. This does not appear to be the case. Turns out it was the person he was leasing the property from that stopped making payments on the mortgage for the land.

Perhaps a big risk for Visner to build his dream home on leased land that he doesnt own? Sure. But should deadly force be used to remove him while he believes hes still in the dispute timeframe and hasnt been given due process? Absolutely not.

But Visners situation got much worse, and fast. His life was literally destroyed through no fault of his own.

Via Salem News.

U.S. Navy veteran Ted Visner and his wife, Kathy Smith of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, have been living out a nightmare. It started two and a half years ago, when the family fell victim to an apparent real estate scam by a local sheriffs department employee.

Ted Visner, who builds custom homes for a living, said, Although we were paying Sweet every month on the purchase of the property, she had not been paying the underlying mortgage and the home fell into foreclosure. I asked Visner if he had records of those payments, he said he does, including canceled checks. You wont believe what happened next.Ted Visner says they bought their former home on a land contract, only to learn seven months later, that the seller, Isabella County Sheriffs Dept. employee Shelly Sweet, was not making monthly payments on the house. A bank foreclosed on the property, all unbeknownst to the Visner/Smith family.

On a weekend Sweet knew that we would be out of town, she offered the contents of our home to her friends and coworkers at the Isabella County Sheriffs Department, claiming we had abandoned the home. Many took her up on her free offer deal and took over $55,000 dollars worth of our personal property.

Property Vanishes

$55,000 is a big number, but Visner said Sweet availed all of their personal belongings and private property to anyone who would take it. Visner tells Salem-News the items taken included beds, dressers, appliances, his wifes wedding dress which was hermetically sealed, kids toys, sports equipment, and a whole lot more.

The story seems blatantly criminal in nature, with police banding together to help off their property in its entirety. Visner said, She just put a sign out and let anybody have what they wanted, she didnt remember who was there. In her own deposition she admits to giving our stuff away.My kids couldnt play or participate in sports for the next two years. Other items that disappeared included tax records… nothing has been recovered.

Visner says Sweet told her employer, the sheriffs department that Visner and his wife werent making payments, while Visner is able to prove via canceled checks to Sweet that they were indeed paying. It was blatantly untrue, Visner added. There is no evidence to support what the county did, it all shows what we are saying though.

He says the experience has been extremely hard for his family, adding, I dont have any criminal background, I served six years in the Navy on submarines, my wife and I have kids, we dont deserve this, nobody in the world deserves this.

Visner, Smith and their kids, returned from their weekend away on Monday September 27, 2010, to discover that they were locked out of their own home. Visner called the law enforcement agency that Sweet worked for.

We had NOT been evicted nor had we abandoned the property. The woman had convinced friends and coworkers that we had never paid her, and that were trashing the house and had forced her into foreclosure none of which were true.

A sheriff deputy named Steinert came to our home three times that day and only assisted his coworker while the under-sheriff, sheriff and PA refused to help us after they recognized the totality of the situation, Visner said, adding that the situation was 6+ coworkers of Sweet having entered their home and receiving stolen property, which for anyone else in the world is Theft.It would take a day before the family was allowed to go back inside of the home, and that is when Smith and Visner learned that 95% of the homes contents had been stolen.

Instead, Visner was arrested for Misuse of 911 on the deputys third visit. The county investigated the crime for almost four months and during this time, I moved my family out of Isabella County for safety, I could not move with them because my indefinitely delayed arraignment still loomed over my head.

Wow, just wow.

So here we have this guy who built his dream home and had literally everything taken from him. And government not only refuses to give him due process, but actually might be considering using deadly force against him without due process?