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Whoa! Juan Williams Got Smacked In Brutal Way After Saying Dead-Wrong Thing About Hillary!


One of the biggest losers of election night was Fox News analyst Juan Williams.

Look at his epic fail!

According to Conservative 101:

The Five co-host Juan Williams, who was booted from crazy lib NPR, is the most poorly informed commentator on Fox News. He recently attempted a last-minute prediction about the election that blew up right in his face.

Said Williams about Election Day, “As we begin the contest, Clinton dominates the map. States that would be safe for any Democratic nominee give her just under 200 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win.”

He added, “Then there are four states very likely to add to her total — Virginia and the Midwestern trio of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.”

Continued idiot Juan, “If she can add Electoral College votes from Pennsylvania and New Hampshire — 20 from the former and four from the latter — she is on the brink of victory. Either Colorado or Nevada would carry her over the finish line.”

Then he said his dumbest thing yet: “Arizona is worth watching too, because the Democrats see the state as their best hope for an election night shocker.”

Guess what, Juan? Everything you predicted was completely wrong! Isn’t Juan Williams poorly informed?

WOW! This was tragic and almost comic!

We love this bozos! They have no clue what is happening in real America today!

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