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Secret Service Announces Official Code Name For Melania Trump


Every four years, the top presidential candidates for both political parties get Secret Service agents at their sides. They follow them wherever they go, putting their lives on the line for the safety of a person they may not even like.

Since November, Republican nominee Donald Trump has been called “Mogul” — his code name — thousands of times by Secret Service agents who clear his path of barriers and threats. Now that he’s officially the nominee and preparing to be briefed about classified intelligence (despite Sen. Harry Reid’s insane rantings), Melania Trump just nabbed her own code name, too, according to the U.K Daily Mail.

Secret Service agents refer to the former model as “Muse,” making “Mogul and Muse” a powerful code name combo.

Among other names, Trump’s famous plane has become known as “Trump Force One” and the smaller plane used to escort vice presidential candidate Mike Pence as “Trump Force Two.”

Speaking of Pence, he was referred to as “Hoosier” by the Secret Service, while his wife was called “Hummingbird.”

As for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton has become “Evergreen” and Bill Clinton “Eagle.” And in what may possibly be the most unsuitable name of the entire bunch, Chelsea Clinton has been assigned the code name “Energy.”

Donald Trump’s sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., won’t be getting code names as they don’t meet the criteria needed for “protectee” status. However, Barron, the youngest son of the billionaire businessman, will be getting protection along with his parents.