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‘Wolf Blitzer Is On Suicide Watch!’: Twitter Slams ‘Desperate’ Host With Hilarious Tweets


Election night was very hard for every Trump hater.

And people at CNN are the biggest Trump haters!

Look what was happening to Wolf Blitzer, this is hilarious!

According to Clash Daily:

Can you guess who Wolf Blitzer was cheering for?

Even if Wikileaks hadn’t ‘outed’ him for the same sort of thing that got Brazile canned… it’s pretty clear:

Wolf Blitzer is being criticized by many on Twitter for his refusal to accept the fact that Donald Trump had won the presidency while hosting CNN’s election coverage.

One Twitter used noted that Blitzer was trying to ‘desperately resuscitate the Clinton corpse’ in response to the fact that he was calling states for Trump long after other networks and major media outlets.

CNN was also the final network to report that Trump had won the race, waiting until 2:48am, just after he took the stage to make his victory speech in New York.

Just minutes prior, Blitzer was visibly stunned when co-host Dana Bash informed him that Clinton had conceded to Trump in a phone call.

‘If Hillary Clinton has conceded, that is dramatic,’ said Blitzer, live on air.

Is li’l Wolfie gonna be ok?

Has anyone checked on him?

Maybe they need a ‘buddy system’ to keep him going the next little while?

Ditto for all the Hollywood hacks, junkies, flunkies and crazies.

We are sure, Wolfe is ok. But not sure for Hillary