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BREAKING: What Donald Trump Just Did To The Economy Proves He’s The Best Choice For America!


USA – EUA/CRISE/BOLSA – ECONOMIA – Movimento na Bolsa de Nova York na tarde desta segunda-feira. O coração do sistema financeiro norte-americano foi sacudido no domingo: o Lehman Brothers pediu concordata e o Merrill Lynch fechou acordo para ser vendido ao Bank of America (BofA). 15/09/2008 – Foto: DAVID KARP/ASSOCIATED PRESS/AE

Donald Trump is having positive effects on the economy and he hasn’t even taken office yet. This is the sign that we will turn this country’s economy around.

According to Bloomberg:

The spotlight is intensifying on Trump’s policies as investors place bets on possible winners and losers. Banks have surged 11 percent in the five days, on track for the best weekly gain since 2009, on speculation that the president-elect and Republican-controlled Congress will roll back regulations. Trump’s promise to revive the nation’s infrastructure sent industrial shares soaring more than 7.5 percent, with commodities needed for everything from airports to bridges expected to benefit, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

“Today you’re seeing some simple profit-taking going into a weekend, and understandably so,” said Matt Lloyd, chief investment strategist at Advisors Asset Management, which oversees $16.5 billion in Monument, Colorado. “People were saving money on the sideline heading into the election, which was always going to exacerbate whatever move was going to happen. We ended up getting a good rise following a short panic, and now people are pulling back a bit.”

The stock markets are jumping with joy because all of the restrictions that Obama and the Liberals put into place are finally being taken off and this country can finally make money again.

The economy is already better off because Donald Trump is the President-elect. The economy is about to boom and Wall Street knows it and they can’t wait to help this economy turn around so more and more people can get jobs.