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Clinton Scumbags: Muslim Woman Tells CNN She Voted For Trump, They Kick Her Out From The Show!


Everybody voted for Trump!

Muslims, Latinos, women, Blacks, LGBT, EVERYBODY!

And democrats are angry about that for days! They are lashing out against all of these groups, they are angry at them, they are saying that these groups has to vote democrat, how insane is this?!?!

According to The Federalist Papers:

The 2016 election is defying all sorts of conventional wisdom and all sorts of pundits’ predictions.

Despite the fact that President-elect Donald Trump has hit hard on illegal immigration and the issue of improperly vetted refugees from the Middle East, he actually did better this election with minorities than Mitt Romney did in 2012.

And yes, he actually has the support of some Muslim Democrats as well, like Asra Nomani.

As The Daily Caller reported:

Asra Nomani is a Muslim, liberal-leaning woman who voted for Donald Trump in the presidential election, and on Friday she explained to CNN’s Carol Costello why she did it.

Nomani, a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal and co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, explained to Costello that Trump is casting light on problems America is ignoring “for the sake of political correctness.”

“What I know is that we have today a very real and serious threat by extremist Muslims,” she stated. “This is a reality that we haven’t confronted directly for the sake of political correctness, and if people would hear out the concerns and fears that others have about the issues to refugees and extremists, I think we could find a path that’s in the middle.”

Nomani added that “unfortunately, what happens is that this liberal honor brigade shuts down all conversation, calls you ‘bigot’ or ‘racist’ or ‘islamophobe’ if you dare to speak your own concerns.”

Full vidoe of Nomani’s interview can be found on The Daily Caller’s website.

The fact that she so strongly defended her vote for Trump really says something about the political Left. The fact that the Left has gone so far into the cries of racism, sexism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and many many other phobias has caused backlash against them, even from within their own party.

This is something that the Democratic Party needs to learn going forward, if they don’t want to be beaten again (and worse) in the future. Making up stuff about your opposition, and demonizing them only works for so long. Eventually, they will stop taking it lying down, and will fight back; the election of Trump was the manifestation of that.

Even some Muslim Democrats recognize this, Nomani being one of them. There can only be so much PC in a country’s political culture, especially American political culture, before those who are on the receiving end of it have had enough. 2016 seems to be the year where they said, “We have had enough.”

Now the task is to heal the wounds of division, and bring people back together from this dangerous level of polarization.

Trump showed great vision for America, and everybody voted for that!

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