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NBCs TODAY Show Gives Tips For Defending Against Home Invasions What They DONT Mention is Just Nuts



Above: Um, WHAT? NBC liberals show they are crazy yet again.

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Nothing illustrates the stark divide between the liberal mainstream media and the American people than this unintentionally hilarious piece on home invasions by NBC.

According to FBI crime statistics quoted by NBCs TODAY Show, home invasions in America are happening at the alarming rate of 135 per day.

That shocking fact combined with some recent, high profile invasions at celebrity homes inspired TODAY to have reporter Jeff Rossen do a segment titled, How to protect your family from home invasion.

Rossen speaks with a retired NYPD detective and former hostage negotiator who shared his (bizarre) tips for thwarting home invasions.

But can you spot what method of home defense is not even mentioned once in the NBC report?


Thats right…the option of using a firearm to protect yourself in a home invasion is never mentioned during the entire TODAY Show story.

Viewers are given three options:

(1) Use you car keys as some kind of driveway alarm.

(2) Blast them with wasp spray. (see the many problems with that below), or

(3) Treat the home invaders like royalty, and cheerfully direct them to all your valuables, after which they will apparently politely take leave of you.

Firstly when is the last time you have called the cops when you heard a car alarm? Does anyone take them seriously? Doesnt NBC think your average home invader knows that?

Secondly, not only is wasp spray ineffective, but actually illegal. As blogger Mike Opelka explains:

A Seattle family would argue that Zeinss advice was wrong. In December of 2013, Ken Boonstra broke into a home and the husband tried using wasp spray to fend off his attack on his wife. The spray did not stop the attack; only a well-placed and very sharp steak knife was effective in ending the conflict.

Spraying an intruder with a neurotoxin-laced bug spray is a violation of Federal law. Additionally, Spectracides Wasp & Hornet Killer tells the consumer, Never use indoors. These two warnings are printed at the very top of cans of wasp spray (see below).


Liberalism truly is a mental disorder. Anyone who has read my numerous reports on home invasions know how violent they typically are, and how many victims are brutally beaten or murdered. And calling 911 accomplishes nothing in most cases. In just the past few months we have chronicled violent home invasions all with older women as victims in which:

  • A 911 dispatcher repeatedly told an elderly woman that police were on the way, before she was assaulted by a violent invader before shooting him. As I alwsys say: When seconds count, police are minutes away.
  • A 911 Operator who told a grandma with intruders downstairs to put down her gun before she ended it with warning gunshots.
  • Yet another 911 operator told a woman to find a place to hide before being informed there was nowhere to hide. Thankfully this woman was armed and was able to shoot and disable the invader.

These situations underscore the only effective defense against a home intruder: a fully loaded, fully capable firearm at your side, and I would add, extensive training with it as well.

But the liberal media that champions victims and tears down rugged individuals are never going to tell you that.