Home Politics Right After Trump Won Election, Isis Promised This Sick Revenge…

Right After Trump Won Election, Isis Promised This Sick Revenge…


ISIS is not happy by Trump victory in US elections! The bastards know he is going to smoke them up!

So they killed more American soldiers today! But Trump is going to punish them, they will be very sorry very soon!

According to The Political Insider:

Despite what Hillary, Obama, and the rest of the liberals want you to think, The War on Terror is FAR from over and far from won.

Obama may have tried to claim victory, but don’t tell that to our men and women still on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Our troops are still battling the threat of Islamic terror every single day.

They are protecting us from a radical, medieval menace that wants to destroy our culture, lock-up our women, and throw our gay friends off the top of buildings.

They are the enemies of freedom and must be destroyed. In that struggle, some of our bravest are continuing to pay the ultimate price:
Four Americans were killed Saturday in an attack at a U.S. airfield in Afghanistan carried out by a suicide bomber.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the explosion inside Bagram Airfield took the lives of two U.S. servicemembers and two U.S. contractors working on the base and wounded 16 other U.S. servicemembers and one Police solider.

H/T FoxNews

Pray for our Service men and women and that President Trump will have the leadership to wins these wars and bring our troops home for good!

Trump is going to bomb the hell out of them!