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BREAKING: What Donald Trump Just Discussed With Nigel Farage Will Turn This Country Around Overnight!


Donald Trump is already setting the stage for a triumphant presidency. Not only has Russia extended an olive branch, but also Trump’s friend and United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage are meeting.

Nigel Farage also came in to help Donald Trump practice for the debates and we all know how well he did in those. This is the beginning of better relations between the United Kingdom and the US.

And what did these to political leaders talk about? “Freedom and Winning!” 

According to The Guardian:

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager in the last months of the presidential campaign, left Trump Tower in New York two hours after Farage had been seen to arrive.

“All these meetings are incredibly productive,” Kellyanne Conway told the Guardian. ‎Asked what Trump and Farage discussed, she replied with a smile: “Freedom and winning.”

Inside the tower, Conway had told reporters: “I think they enjoy each another’s company.”

Farage is the first major British politician to meet Trump following his election victory. The meeting will likely cause concern in Downing Street, following reports that the “special relationship” between the US and UK could be more difficult to maintain under the new president.

Prime Minister Theresa May was only the 11th world leader called by Trump after his victory on Tuesday.

Asked by pool reporters seeking news of plans and appointments if Trump had invited him, and if he was helping with the Republican’s transition to the White House, Farage said: “We’re just tourists.”

For all of Donald Trump’s doubters on his foreign policy, he is already making in-roads into nations that we have had tense relationships with.