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Dad Tattoos Son’s Cancer Scar On His Own Head To Boost Son’s Self-Confidence


Meet 28-year-old Josh Marshall and his 8-year-old son Gabriel Marshall. They live in Kansas.


In March 2015, Gabriel was diagnosed with a rare malignant brain tumor called anaplastic astrocytoma.


Gabriel was forced to undergo surgery which left him with a sizeable scar on the side of his head.


“My son was very self-conscious after he got his surgery. He felt like a monster,” Marshall told ABC News.

So to help his son feel more confident, Josh decided to get his son’s scar tattooed on his own head to show his solidarity in the most beautiful way possible.


Gabriel loves his dad’s tattoo and tells people he and his father are like twins. N’awww.

“Wow I never imagined this picture would blow up like it did,” wrote Josh on his Facebook page.


We’re not surprised.

Gabriel is currently doing well, and though a small portion of the tumor still remains, it hasn’t grown.

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