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Oh God, Yes! Hollywood Is Stubbing Hillary In The Back, These Celebs Rejoiced Over President-Elect Trump!


Not all Hollywood stars are spoiled crazy liberals!

These stars are on Trump train and are happy with his victory!

According to Angry Patriot Movement:

If Trump wins, I am leaving. If Trump wins, it is the end of the country. This is what most of liberal Hollywood and the entertainment world (including sports) said during the electoral process.

However, there were a few that risked their reputations and possible future employment by standing up for Trump. They stumped for him, they went on TV for him, and they told the country this was the man for the job.

Stacey Dash is one of the most interesting people who supported Trump this election, I think, because she is the antithesis of someone the media would ever think would support him.

She is relatively young, she is a female (obviously), and she is black. These are all demographics that are supposed to hate Trump, yet she was a fervent supporter of his.

Kirstie Alley is another interesting case in that most of her counterparts took up the cause behind Hillary. Kirstie, on the other hand, actually went after people like Whoopi and worked very hard to help debunk the false narratives against Trump.

Scott Baio, wow, what can I say about him. While his name is still very recognizable, he has been a bit quiet in terms of the entertainment world. However, during this election, I don’t know that we had anyone that took to the stump with more aggression than Baio.

Baio was not scared to address any and all issues. He called out everyone and I have no doubt his arguments helped to get the undecideds off their couches and into the voting booth. He was definitely one of the top Trump surrogates during the election from Hollywood.

Jon Voight… man did he do a hell of a job. He took on liberals without fear and used his tough guy image to shut them down on the spot.

He also took a very personal angle and made some incredibly emotional pleas to voters, which also got some of the older undecideds to vote.

In the sporting world, the two most significant people who came out to support Trump were Mike Ditka and Coach Bobby Knight. These guys are old school America and represented people like myself that were simply fed up with our government.

These may also have two of the more controversial endorsements of Trump, especially Ditka. His career was definitely, at least for a time, affected by the endorsement. Knight came along when Trump was taking some vicious attacks by Cruz and there is little doubt in my mind he played a significant role in moving momentum back to Trump. Knight also helped Trump win the state of Indiana during the primary.

And I know what you are waiting for… Brady and Belichick. And while they did endorse Trump, their little performance with the media after the election was over kind of pissed me off. Both actually skirted around the issue and Brady made it sound as though Trump was out of line for even mentioning him. I was a little disappointed in both of them to be quite honest with you.

In the political world, celebrity and sports endorsements rarely have a huge impact. That was not the case this year.

Because we had so many new voters coming out, especially in the primaries, I think these endorsements packed a much bigger punch than usual.

To those mentioned above and the ones I have forgotten, thank you very much for your efforts in supportinging our movement.

To those of you that fought against us, I only ask that you keep your promise to pack your bags and leave our country. You serve no purpose, other than to create more divide, so just leave.

Trump will shut the mouth of all his haters by doing a great job in his first therm!

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