Home News Would You Eat at Arbys to Stand up to Bully Cops?

Would You Eat at Arbys to Stand up to Bully Cops?



Pembroke Pines, FL Police Sergeant Jennifer Martin rolled up to an Arbys drive-thru Monday night, presumably hungry after a long day of menacing peaceful people with extortion threats.

Unfortunately for her dinner plans, she encountered at the window a young man whose moral sense and powers of observation somehow survived his American childhood intact. Much to her indignant surprise, instead of being offered the usual complimentary side order of thank you for your service, she herself was refused service by the 19-year-old clerk.

After being addressed curtly while placing her order, the salivating sergeant drove up to the pick-up window where she was informed by the manager that the clerk, doesnt want to serve you because you are a police officer. Admirably, the manager even added that the young man had a right not to.

Shortly thereafter, Sergeant Martin returned on foot, demanding a refund over concern for the foods safety perhaps projecting her own professions standards and presuming that cop critics must be as willing to contaminate food ascops are to contaminate evidence. She petulantly collected the managers information for tattling purposes, along with her money. Meanwhile, the clerk continued to refuse to speak to her.

The Arbys CEO later called Martins chief to apologize, and the company promised to …be sure that our policy of inclusion is understood and adhered to.

Of course, for the local police unions, this is not nearly enough groveling and punishment for such an egregious act of lese-majeste. One union official shamelessly referenced the fatal attacks on the men and women in uniform in America and the presidents lack of leadership while simpering about the roast-beef-related incident.

He insisted that it …warrants much more than an apology. […] Until corrective action is taken and the employees involved in this incident are terminated, we are calling for a national boycott of Arbys.

Wouldnt it be something if this call had the same opposite effect as the 2012 attempt to boycott Chik-fil-A? What if supporters of the brave young drive-thru clerk flocked to Arbys, driving up record sales to make a statement? That would certainly amplify his act of protest, and foil yet another attempt by police unions to bully and silence critics.

Call it #SandwichSolidarity. When police accountability activists risk their jobs and worse, incur the indignation of vindictive cops surely eating a few times at Arbys is not too much a sacrifice to provide one of them with support.