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Hope You Enjoyed your Fourth of July Cookouts, The EPA is Now Seeking Pass Regs Against BBQs & Fireworks


Hopefully you all enjoyed Fourth of July celebrations this weekend because sadly, if Obama gets his way you may not be having them in the near future.

Under sweeping new orders from Obama, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now seeking to lower ground-level pollution standards which may have a direct impact on backyard BBQs as well as fireworks.

According to the Daily Caller, the proposed new ozone regulations are set to be lowered so low that backyard BBQs and celebrations may now violate federal ozone thresholds if they pass.

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… things as harmless as a few backyard chefs grilling burgers in the same area at the same time, or even festive fireworks being launched during an Independence Day celebration, could cause an area to violate federal ozone standard thresholds.

Such a violation of the EPAs unreasonably low ozone limit would result in fines and other penalties for local governments from federal regulators.

The EPA proposal would lower existing ozone standards by more than 13 percent from 75 parts per billion to 65 parts per billion to a level barely above the naturally occurring level of ozone in the atmosphere.

Critics fear that, in an effort to stay clear of punishment, local lawmakers are likely to respond to the new EPA rules by enacting municipal grilling bans and canceling fireworks shows from coast-to-coast.

Great… Because we all know BBQs are more of a threat than ISIS.