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Angry Black Lady Hijacks Live CNN Report On #CharlestonShooting: Obama Is An Uncle Tom (VIDEO)


Yesterday CNNs live broadcast on the horrific deadly mass shooting in Charleston, S.C. was rudely interrupted by a woman who stepped into the frame and then proceeded to refer to both CNNs Don Lemon and Barack Obama as Uncle Tom.

The equal opportunity racist also shouted, white people are terrorists. I hate to [not true] burst her bubble of racist denial, but all blacks are not (see:Nigeria) angels spreading peace, love and good will upon the earth. Terrorism like racism comes in all colors.

But I digress…

Off camera:
Report the real truth. We are angry. White people are terrorists.

In frame:
Don, are you angry? Uncle Tom? Hello?

Were angry. Speak about the anger. Talk about the anger.

The president is a puppet! Stop the lies. Stop the lies. Hes an Uncle Tom, too. President Obamas an Uncle Tom, too.

Black folks, get off your knees, and stop praying.

What exactly she wishes that blacks replace praying with is left open to interpretation.


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