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BREAKING: The Final Tally Is In Of The Election! Watch Why All Of The Democrats Are FREAKING OUT!


The Democrats are truly going insane as the days count down for Obama and Trump gets closer to sitting in the Oval Office.

What won’t make them sleep any easier after they have tried to paint Donald Trump as a racist and misogynist candidate are the final numbers from the election.

Donald Trump performed better across all demographics than Mitt Romney!

Blow your liberal friends minds with this. They said @realDonaldTrump was elected by white men. pic.twitter.com/e69iFvW5Vq

— Eric Bolling (@ericbolling) November 15, 2016

From this video:

Eric Bolling: “Let’s go through the demographics vs. 2012. On gender, he [Trump] is up with the males by 5% but only down with women by 1% vs. 2012. Then go to race. He’s up with whites by 1 percent, but his increase among the black community was 7%. Hispanic community by 8 percent. So he actually trailed the black and Hispanic communities in increase. How about this one? Age. Eighteen to twenty-nine years old he had a five percent increase over 2012. And the older set – 65 and older? Down for Donald Trump. How about income? Under $30,000, people voted for him 16% higher than Mitt Romney… “