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Cameras Were Filming Huma And Weiner When His Sex Scandal Broke, This Guy Ruined His Life And His Family!


The biggest loser in this election, besides Hillary and Obama, is ex New York congressman, Anthony Weiner!

He ruined his career, his now ex wife career, and even influenced to the end of Hillary Clinton career!

He was almost as democratic terrorist who targeted his own life and his own party!

And now have new moments from his sex scandal.

According to Conservative Outfitters:

Huma Abedin like you’ve never seen her before! In 2013 Showtime sent a a film crew to follow disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin during his his campaign for mayor of New York City. The 2016 fly on the wall documentary titled “Weiner” debuted for the first time this year at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film offers a rare look inside the life of Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin. Many intimate and often embarrassing moments were captured in the movie. According to Wikipedia Huma never gave permission to be used in the film.

After the film was released, Weiner claimed that “Kriegman had assured him verbally and in emails that he would not use Abedin in the film without her consent”, and that Abedin never granted permission for Kriegman to use the footage.

What a loser! What happened to this man? This is so similar to what happened to movie star Charlie Sheen who imploded before 5 years in front of the whole world.

Later was revealed that Charlie was diagnosed with HIV, is this the case too with Weiner, what was the reason who flipped out so hard and ruined his life?!

We will find out in the next years about that…

Let’s hope Trump cabinet is not going to have this kind of scandals, that is going to be a huge setback for him and his team!