Home News Irony Alert: Anti-Bullying ‘Ambassador’ Arrested For Bullying Trump Supporter!

Irony Alert: Anti-Bullying ‘Ambassador’ Arrested For Bullying Trump Supporter!


Democrats are crybabies! Look what they did these days!

They have no decency, no shame, no political culture, they are like animals!

According to Hannity.com:

According to a report from The Daily Mail, a female anti-bullying “ambassador” was arrested on Thursday for pushing an elderly Trump supporter to the ground. Shacara McLaurin, a 23 year old, from Brooklyn, New York, was part of the angry protesters outside of Trump Tower.

This is so ironic! This is a complete joke! Oh god!

Mass media is quiet about this. But we are not going to be quiet, you have to know this!

Here are more details.

According to The Daily Mail reports:

The Black Lives Matter protester was arrested at 10.45pm for shoving the man, 74, to the ground, causing him to hit the back of his head on the sidewalk.

McLaurin, who previously made headlines for being the victim of a brutal beating, was arrested for felony assault.
The scuffle began when he apparently yelled ‘all lives matter’.

McLaurin’s 74-year old victim, identified as James Durkan, reportedly suffered a cut to his head.

This is just one of many instances of violence directed at Trump supporters over the past several days. As we’ve reported earlier, a Trump supporting high school student in California was beaten by a fellow student, and a motorist was allegedly beaten for supporting Trump.

Imagine, what would have happened if Trump supporter attacked someone from BLM, CNN would have been of RED ALERT!

Obama would have had a press conference, whole America would have been on full panic!

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