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Donald Trump Stuns American TV Hosts: Explains The Syrian Conflict and Working with Russia!


Trump has the best judgment and sense about geopolitics.

And we needed that after decades of losses and failures and defeats!

Look at this great TV interview on ISIS and Syria, can you imagine how are we going to start winning all over the world now?

According to Anonhq:
If you remember the Texas primaries, then you would surely remember that Donald Trump shook the world when he said that he was in favour of Libya, and his views on not killing Gaddafi and Saddam Husain were/are the same.

He went on, saying that if both of them had been alive right now, then the US would not have been involved in this mess, as both the leaders were killing terrorists. He further went on saying that he never supported what they were doing, but he further questioned the mess that the US has involved itself with. According to Donald Trump, it’s better if the politicians take a day off, rather than go into a war.

However, his views on the Syrian conflict do not differ. When asked about his views on President Assad and the US support, Trump simply explained that President Assad is not a good guy, but if we replace the man there, then who knows if the next one will be worse.

He further commented that the money spent on the people there, to help them support the war, is outrageous. Donald Trump was invited into CBS for an interview over his views on the Syrian conflict and Russia’s involvement. Take a look below at what he has to say.

With Trump in the White House, America is going to be on the top again!

The days of losing battles and being dead last and not respected and ridiculed all over the world are gone.

This is the birth of a new era, and world is going to shit in its pants the next few years!

And we are so ready for this and so happy for this!

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