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Judge Jeanine Drops Bombshell On Anti-Trump Rioters, She Gave Great Solution For Stopping Them!


Judge Jeanine has great solution for Trump protesters, they are rioting and making a lot of damages to local business on the streets, so she is mad as hell for that!

And she is more than right. On the other topic, about the owner of Grubhub, we think that she is wrong, for the first time in long period of time, and we will explain why.

According to US Herald:

Once again watching Judge Jeanine Pirro appearing on Fox & Friends discussing the riots taking place around the country and in particular Portland, Organ where over 4,000 individuals took part in demonstration which appeared to be the ground zero for destruction and mayhem, and then by contrast many of the colleges and universities are providing “safe zones, therapy dogs to hug, cry-in, and a host of other services for the traumatized students who apparently have trouble coping with the election results.

Which drew both a bemused look from the good judge and then a burst of uncontrolled laughter followed with few humorous remarks stating: “Get a life, get a job, get over it!” she continued “we voted for him, this is a democracy.They need to be arrested, they damaged property.”

She continued drawing the analogy if this display of unbridled intolerance was on the other foot, if Trump supporters had lost and carried on like this. The mainstream media, along with the White House would be condemning these destructive actions, and no doubt going ballistic, she then again reiterated that these young anarchists need to be arrested and prosecuted.

On another topic, the CEO of “Grubhub” was discussed for actually emailing all his employees with a bizarre ultimatum, suggesting that if you voted or subscribe to Trump’s principles then you should resign from his company, which once again had the good judge bemused stating; “I think this guy from Grubhub is setting himself up for major lawsuits.

Judge Jeanine is wrong on Grubhub thing. He ws not against Trump, but against racism and hate speech at his offices, so he is FOR TRUMP, because TRUMP was never a hater or racist or anything else!

So for the long period of time, Judge Jeanine is wrong and she is allowed to be wrong, everybody makes a mistakes from time to time, nobody is perfect, except god!

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