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Tom Hanks Just Gave The Biggest Support For President Trump, America Is Stunned!


Tom Hanks is maybe the biggest living Hollywood star today!

America loves him and respect him a lot!

Every word said by him is very heavy and important. So that is the reason why journalist chased him to ask him for opinion about Trump victory!

And he was great, with style and grace, we love this guy!

According to The Blaze:

Hanks was honored Wednesday by New York’s Museum of Modern Art and, after several of his fellow Hollywood stars offered their accolades to the Academy Award-winning actor, he shared somewhat of a pep talk in the wake of Trump’s victory, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

We are going to be all right because we constantly get to tell the world who we are. We constantly get to define ourselves as American.

We do have the greatest country in the world. We move at a slow pace. We have the greatest country in the world because we are always moving towards a more perfect union.

That journey never ceases, it never stops. Sometimes, to quote a Springsteen song, it’s “one step forward, two steps back,” but we still aggregately move forward. We, who are a week into wondering what the hell just happened, will continue to move forward. We have to choose to do so, but we will move forward because if we do not move forward, what is to be said of us?

But then Hanks made a comment that is most assuredly at odds with the thoughts many of his celebrity neighbors have expressed in the nine days since Trump’s stunning defeat of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“This is the United States of America. We’ll go on. There’s great like-minded people out there who are Americans first and Republicans or Democrats second,” Hanks told The Hollywood Reporter. “I hope the president-elect does such a great job that I vote for his re-election in four years.”

We all hope the same thing! If he fail to do most of the things he promised, and if he makes a lot of mistakes, nobody is going to vote for him again!

He can be either the best president ever or the worst ever, there is no in the middle for Trump in this case!

America has huge expectations from him, both, supporters and haters are eager to see if he can do what he promised to do!


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