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Video Report Check Out the Southern Baptist Church in Kentucky Thats Handing Out 1,000 Free Steak Dinners & 25 Free Guns During a Ministry Outreach on March 6


The pastors of Lone Oak First Baptist Church in Paducah, KY have figured out a brand new way to invite people to come hear about Jesus Give them free steak dinners and brand new guns!

The churchs website says the Southern Baptist church will host a Second Amendment Celebration on March 6, during which, the first 1,000 people to show up will receive a free steak dinner.

Twenty-five of those guests will receive a voucher for one of 25 hand guns, long guns and shotguns that can be redeemed Paducah Shooters Supply according to an online advertisement for the celebration.

The rules are simple:

Recipient must complete all required state and federal applications and background checks at Paducah Shooter Supply prior to taking possession of the firearm. If an award winner is under 18 year old, the award will be given to a parent or legal guardian.

Three days after the event, Lone Oak will also host camo Sunday for any church member or guest who wants to come to worship dressed in casual camo sportswear on March 9.

The brief video embedded below features one of the pastors explaining how the event is intended to draw particularly un-churched men into a casual environment in which theyll hear the Gospel and experience Christian fellowship.

If youd like more information about the March 6 outreach, you can read more via The Blaze.