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25 Creepy and Intriguing Facts About Halloween


Halloween is fast approaching. It’s time for trick-or-treats, costume parties, and parades. Friends will probably tell stories about ghosts, werewolves, witches, and vampires — all for a good scare. People will decorate their houses with fake cobwebs, owls, and pumpkins. Those who want to take it to the extreme would probably place some hair-raising mannequins on their lawns.

Yes, it will be spooky, but it will be fun.

Some people just love this occasion. But, do you know where Halloween originated and why they associate bats, owls, and black cats with it?

Here are 25 creepy and interesting facts about Halloween that you should know:

#1. Apparently, Halloween originated in Ireland


Photo credit: Alisa S
#2. Halloween was once a day of romance


Photo credit: Amelia Burns

In Ireland, people use this occasion to play fortune-telling games and predict their true love.

#3. Trick-or-treat!


Photo credit: Lifebuzz

Trick-or-treating was a Celtic tradition. They place treats and food outside their houses to call upon the spirits.

#4. Jack-o-lanterns


Photo credit: Wendy

An Irish legend tells of a man named Jack who tricked the devil. As punishment for what he did, the devil forbade Jack to enter neither heaven nor hell. Cursed to wander the Earth for eternity, he waves his lantern to lead people away from their paths; hence, the Jack-o-lanterns.

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