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Black Judge Eviscerates Self-Professed Black Militant Activist Who Declared Open Season on Cracker Cops (VIDEO)


GEORGIA- As supporters of Latausha Eye Empress Sekhmet Nedd stood outside of the Clayton County Courtroom demanding the release of the woman who declared open season on cracker cops, Judge Wanda Dallas was not having it.

For those unfamiliar with the case, Nedd was arrested in September after posting videos YouTube that were intended to incite violence against whites and law enforcement. While Nedds legal counsel maintains that she was not actually advocating violence as much as she was expressing her first amendment right to free speech, Judge Dallas clearly did not agree.

Nedd, who is a part of the BlackLivesMatter movement spin-off group #FYF911 (F**k your Flag), posted videos brandishing weapons while openly calling for violence against individuals solely based on the color of their skin.

While addressing Nedd in court, Judge Dallas (who also happens to a black female) made it abundantly clear there is nothing to be gained by inflaming racial tensions and that despite common belief on the part of the BLM movement it is counterproductive. Openly mocking Nedds defense that she was not trying to incite violence Judge Dallas asked the following: Burn down police stations, take cops gun day. Really? Thats not a threat to you?


A Clayton County judge found probable cause to move criminal charges against Latausha Nedd to Superior Court.

Nedd is accused of threatening to harm police and Caucasian citizens in videos posted on YouTube.

Nedds supporters thinks shes being unfairly prosecuted, but the Clayton County Judge Wanda Dallas doesnt agree.

You show two police officers and say its open season on killing cracker cops, Dallas said. Does that fix the problems that we have in this country?

It is truly ironic that these same individuals that openly proclaim their hatred for this country are so quick to attempt and hide behind the freedoms it offers.