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President Trump’s First Planned Meeting With Foreign Leader Is A Huge Surprise!


Image / www.flickr.com / Author – Gage Skidmore

We expected Trump to make first meeting with UK prime minister, or with Israeli prime minister, but he chose to meet with Japanese prime minister, and for some this is a huge surprise.

Still, Japan is our biggest world ally, and Trump will try to reassure prime minister Abe that US is going to stay close to Japan and oppose rising China and especially totally crazy North Korea with it’s insane dictator Kim.

But, soon after meeting with Japanese prime minister, we expect Trump to meet with Theresa May and Bibi Netanyahu.

According to Huffington Post:

One day before U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s first meeting with a foreign leader, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japanese officials said they had not finalized when or where in New York it would take place, who would be invited, or in some cases whom to call for answers.

Uncertainty over the talks shows the difficulties in turning Trump from a freewheeling businessman into a sitting president with a watertight schedule and a fully functioning administration by his inauguration on Jan. 20.

Japanese and U.S. officials said on Wednesday the State Department had not been involved in planning the meeting, leaving the logistical and protocol details that normally would be settled far in advance still to be determined. “There has been a lot of confusion,” said one Japanese official.

The meeting was only agreed to last week and Trump and his advisers have been busy in meetings at his headquarters in Manhattan’s Trump Tower in recent days to work out who gets which job in the new administration.

This is totally normal for every new president, and Huff Po as leading liberal news site is normally trying to attack Trump but this is a no problem situation here.

Trump is going to be great on this meeting!

He is going to be a great leader!