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Wow! Holy Mother Of Mic Drops: Trey Gowdy Had A Rock Star Speech At Liberty University!


Trey Gowdy is the biggest rising star in Washington!

He has great future if he goes like this!

Look at this great speech ant famous religious Liberty University.

We love this guy!

It’s not political, really. It’s just pure awesome. Perhaps you’ve seen it already, but I hadn’t, and am assuming others may not have.

In this, Gowdy explains the power of persuasion, talks about the best communicators he knows, and tells the captivating story of a man who put the lives of strangers ahead of himself.

There’s a reason this video is captioned as a “pin drop” speech. Just listen to the amazing silence of the audience.

We need more inspiring politicians like this!

Republicans are traditionally bad with young Americans, so we need more speeches like this!

Trump had great charisma, so his power now is a great platform to deliver good message to American public!

Next 4 years are the most important years in American history!

Either are we going to be number one again, or we are going to fall apart!

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