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BREAKING: Joe Biden Just Flipped! See Why Obama and The Democrats Are Furious!


Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Uncle Joe just did the unexpected and turned against his entire party and endorsed Donald Trump and Mike Pence! This is beyond unexpected.

Obama and the Democratic Party are FURIOUS!

According to Breitbart:

Vice President Joe Biden says he’s not worried about the incoming administration’s readiness to take over the White House.

Biden told reporters after meeting with Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Wednesday that he’s “confident on day one everything will be in good hands.”

Addressing reports of infighting within President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, Biden said that “no administration’s ready on day one. We weren’t really on day one.”

Biden and his wife Jill spent nearly two hours with their successors Wednesday afternoon, sitting down for lunch with the Vice President-elect and his wife, Karen, and giving them a tour of the vice presidential residence and grounds.

Biden also said he’s not worried about the new administration dismantling his legacy, despite the President-elect’s very different policy agenda.

Biden said that he hopes the Pences enjoy the home at Washington’s Naval Observatory as much as he did.

The Democrats can’t believe this! They are freaking out completely! This is incredible!

Joe Biden must not care about ever holding a political office again under the Democratic party because they are furious with him now.

Donald Trump is laughing right now because all of the lying liberal media has tried to paint Trump’s transition into the White House as a disaster.

When the current elected Vice President says something like this what can they say then.