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BREAKING: Zuckerberg Working To Limit Outside News Sources! See Who Benefits From This!


The “fake” news battle has begun after Donald Trump was elected president and the mainstream media is fighting to try and control their investment after Hillary Clinton lost.

As people lost trust in the mainstream media for being biased, there ratings began to plummet and they began losing money to alternative news sites. This has since spurred a movement by Google and Facebook to limit the alternative news sites that they deem “fake” without any precedent.

Did the mainstream media cover WikiLeaks emails? No.

Now they are trying to protect their money by working with Facebook and Google to eliminate the competition.

According to NewsMax:

Facebook Inc. is taking steps to address its role in spreading fake news, such as enlisting the help of third-party fact checkers and posting warnings on dubious stories.

While this sounds good at first, who are the third parties that will be checking the validity of articles?

There is no one holding the fact checkers liable so anything that they say is fact will ultimately be considered fact, but is that not the very problem that Facebook and Google are using to limit alternative news sources?

Validity is crucial, but from two companies that have either intentionally edited the trending stories, like Facebook, or the CEO their parent company worked with Hillary Clinton to draft her campaign strategy like Google.

How are these companies to be trusted? 

They are the ones issuing the “justice” but who gave them the authority to do so? The mainstream media.

The reason people are going to alternative news sources is because the mainstream media couldn’t be trusted.