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As Ebola Patients Potential Contacts Leaps to 100, Obama Refuses to Restrict Travel from Ebola Hot Zones



Above: Too late. CDC crew transporting Patient Zero Duncan

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The circle of people who have come into contact with Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is rapidly expanding, jumping from 18 to 80 early today and has now leaped to 100, according to Texas health officials.

That number includes at least 5 children, among 18 currently under observation for symptoms. Those children themselves may have exposed other students at 4 different Dallas-area middle schools.

This expanding mess is a result of a Texas hospital allowed Duncan dubbed Patient Zero to leave the hospital with antibiotics, despite his informing them that he had just arrived on a flight from Liberia, one of the Ebola hot zones where the outbreak is rampant. As a result, Duncan was exposed to dozens of individual for two days in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region.

And this morning a new alert has been revealed that a 2nd patient in Hawaii is demonstrating Ebola-like symptoms. That patient is being held in isolation, according to ABC News.

So with the threat of Ebola spreading out of control, you might assume the U.S. government would clamp down on importing more potential infected persons from the Ebola hot zone. You would be wrong.

The open borders-obsessed Obama Administration has refused to enact any travel restrictions from Ebola-stricken nations.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest said there would be no restrictions on flights or visa from people traveling from Ebola-zones. Earnest the chances of an epidemic in the U.S. are incredibly low. Earnest said that the screening done at African airports was sufficient to protect 310 million Americans from Ebola.

Seriously? Is Earnest aware of just how little screening is done there? This Tweeter lets us know how Duncan himself was screened:

Yep, thats it. Temperature taken with temporal scanners to detect fever. Of course the problem with this is that people infected with Ebola will not show any fever or other symptoms for between 2 and 21 days after exposure. It is not enough to screen for fever. The only rational response is to halt travel into the U.S. from these regions.

But the White House insists theres nothing to worry about. You know, just like President Obama said that that the possibility someone with Ebola would reach U.S. shores was unlikely. And yet it happened.

Outrage is spreading rapidly online:

Pure insanity. How many Americans have to die for us to finally restrict our border and ports?