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Parents Outraged at Fifty Shades of Grey-Themed Homework Assignment for Middle Schoolers



by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Parents in a Pennsylvania school district are angry after finding out their children were given word search puzzles. But these werent just any puzzles. They were themed.

Fifty Shades of Grey-themed, that is.

Yep, the explicit, S&M novel that was released as a smash-hit film (with not so smash reviews) in theaters worldwide last night. That theme for middle schoolers!

According to Fox News, the puzzle contained words like intercourse, spanking, submissive, leather cuffs, bondage, orgasm and those are just the ones I am willing to repeat.

Here is the actual assignment, which is just unbelievable (Mature sexual language warning):


Do you think those words are appropriate for kids no older than 13? Their parents sure didnt.

What happened to The Hobbit or even Shakespeare? This teacher should be ashamed of herself.

One father told WTAE that a school employee handed the puzzles out. I asked my son who passed it out, and he said the teacher passed it out, James Carter said. I dont think this is what they should be doing in the 8th grade level.

Carter said that he went to the school on Tuesday to confront the principal about the so-called assignment, but was denied a meeting after he insisted on recording it.

So he went to the board instead, who told him the issue was a personnel and student matter, and as such they couldnt comment on what had happened.

How nice. Sounds about as transparent as the Obama cabal.

I actually cant wait to see their explanation. Theres nothing they can say that would make that be appropriate for children. Its not appropriate for me, for that matter. But that is just my opinion.

One thing is for sure, Progressive educators these days are always looking for ways to indoctrinate our kids in sexual topics from the earliest ages. That, and Islam, of course.

If you think this assignment was outrageous, let the principal, Eric J. Manko know it at (724) 684-7100. If you can their email, please post it in the comments below. They seem to have taken it down.