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She Posted Her Olympian Dream On Twitter 5 Years Ago, And It’s Finally Happening


Morolake Akinosun is a professional sprinter from Texas.


5 years ago, she sent out a tweet about her dream to compete at the Olympics.


Now, the 22-year-old is on her way to represent the U.S. in Rio de Janiero.


She sent out the tweet in 2011, after watching the World Championships for track and field on TV.


Morolake was attending Waubonsie Valley High School in Illinois at the time of the tweet, and spent her first year of college at the University of Illinois.

In 2013, her coach Tonja Buford-Bailey, was offered a position in the athletics department at the University of Texas. Morolake left UI to follow Coach Bailey, knowing that there was no other person who could better help her achieve her Olympian dreams.

Morolake says that when she sent out her tweet about the Olympics, it was “more of a dream than a goal.”


“A goal has to be somewhat realistic. I wasn’t on that level yet and I didn’t know that I would ever get there, but I knew I wanted to,” she said.

Fast-forward to today, and she’s only a week away from competing at the 2016 Olympics.


Morolake added, “It wasn’t always easy, and no one knows the work that I put in the five years in between the two tweets.”

“So if you have a dream, I want to encourage girls to go ahead and go after it, no matter how big it is, no matter how many people think your dream is not achievable.”


“It’s yours — go for it.”


Morolake will be competing in the 4×100-meter relay.

Go Team USA!